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Steal Away

Soo Bae, Eileen Buck

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It has always been my deep longing to produce an album filled with hymns that are dear to my heart. In 2014, I was given an incredible offer from a private donor in New Zealand to play on a historic Guarneri cello made in 1710. Upon receiving this cello, my first mission became to complete this hymn project. I asked Elieen Buck, a wonderful and thoughtful musician with strong faith in the Lord, to join me in this journey. And together we approached Rachel Choe, Jay Anthony Gach, Tom Jennings, J. Mark Stambaugh, James Ra, Evan Kauffmann. Each musician brought so much beauty and rich colors to highlight these powerful Hymns. We are so grateful that we were able to partner with such incredible musicians for this project. Its a great testament that this project from the start till completion has been carried by the blessing of the Lord.

Three Strands

Soo Bae, Elizabeth Larson, Mia Chung

Three Strands is a journey of lifelong friends coming together for performances of the complete Brahms' piano trios. We are so thankful as this project truly brought so much joy in our lives deepening our musical understanding and making our friendship so much more richer! A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12) Special thank you to Concert Artist Guild for sponsoring this project!!!

Red Rain

Various Artists
Innova Recordings

'Four Fragments' (first track in this CD) is a solo cello work which I premiered as a part of my (sold-out) solo debut recital in Carnegie hall back in 2006. I met Huang Ruo, a wonderful Chinese-born American composer while I was a student at Juilliard. I'm very thankful that he wrote this piece for me and that we got to collaborate on this project together through the support of CAG.


Alfredo Piatti 

12 Caprices & Capriccio for Cello

Soo Bae


I pursued this project with the intention of facing new challenges that was going to stretch me to a different level. The album was recorded in the span of 3 consecutive days and the experience certainly fulfilled its goal. Even though these works are technically very demanding, they are incredibly beautiful little musical jewels, each number exploring different characters and emotions. I have learned so much from this whole process and am very proud of the final result.

Piatti album.png

Live from the Marlboro Music Festival: Debussy, Ravel Quartets

Various Artists
Archiv Music

This album came together as part of the Musicians From Marlboro touring program which was created as an extension of Vermont’s Marlboro Music Festival. It was a rewarding experience to have performed and toured with incredible musicians such as Soovin Kim (violin), Jessica Lee (violin), and Jonathan Vinocour (viola). The cherry on top of this wonderful journey is that one of our live performances was recorded and produced into this CD!



Soo Bae & Friends

This is my very first CD and it is a journey through different live performances in my musical career. I have titled the album 'Bonjour' in honor of the 1696 Stradivarius 'Bonjour' cello which was generously loaned to me for 3 years at that time by an anonymous donor through the Canada Council of the Arts.

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