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1710 Ivashkin Joseph Guarneri filius 

Andreae of Cremona 

I feel very fortunate to be playing on this magnificent Italian cello on a loan from a private generous donor.  This characterful cello, is made with table in Spruce, back, scroll and side in Beech and has a deep dark lushes sound that can only be found on Guarneri instruments.  In 2014 'Ivashkin' was added to the official name to honor and tribute Alexander Ivashkin (1948-2014), a prolific Russian cellist, writer, academic and conductor whom this cello was on a life loan.  


1696 Bonjour Stradivarius Cello

I was very fortunate to have played on this wonderful Strad for 3 years upon winning the Canada Council instrumental bank competition back in 2006.  'The instrument is a two piece back being cut on the slab and displays a most lovely horizontal figure. The ribs are of a matching material and the scroll is of a plainer material. The two piece top of mostly medium width wavy grain, displays strong hazel figure. The lower wings begin added by the maker. The varnish is of a rich gold brown colour with the top being of a slightly stronger colour.'



For many years as a Christian cellist, I have dreamed of using the greatest instrument to worship and make music.    In 2006 my prayers were answered when I was given 3 year loan of the 1696 Stradivarius cello upon winning the Canada Council Instrument Bank Competition. When returning the cello back in 2009, I was 3 months pregnant with Elias my eldest son.  Feeling very confused and overwhelmed with so many changes...from losing the Strad to getting pregnant, I wondered where my life was headed and prayed for a clear direction, even if it meant I would have to turn around from the direction i've been running all my life as a cellist. 


Around this time, I received an email from a total stranger in Wales, United Kingdom. He was a Christian Luthier named Clive Morris and he told me that he wanted to make an instrument for me. I didn't think much of it and just agreed over email.  Several months passed and couple of weeks before Christmas, Clive then once again emailed and asked me what my home address was.  I once again wrote back and waited not knowing what to expect.  Couple of weeks passed and on Christmas Eve I got a HUGE delivery box and inside was this beautiful cello Clive had freshly made for me. On the inside of the cello was hand inscribed a symbol that represent PTL

"Soo" PTL  

Not only did the cello have my name on it but it also said, Soo Praise the Lord.  

It was so clear.  I could not believe my eyes.  Here I am pregnant, discouraged for losing the Strad, yet beyond my imagination His blessings filled my heart by having a total stranger from the other side of the world make a cello for me with a message inscribed in the cello that I am made to praise the Lord.   Special thank you to Clive Morris who continuously blesses our family in ways I cannot ever repay.  He has now made a violin for my daughter 'Chloe Violin' and another cello for my son 'Elias Cello'!!!  Not only have I gained a dear friend, cello father and a beloved family, but also a role model and a saint that exemplifies the very character of God! 

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