1710 Ivashkin Joseph Guarneri filius 

Andreae of Cremona 

I feel very fortunate to be playing on this magnificent Italian cello on a loan from a private generous donor.  This characterful cello, is made with table in Spruce, back, scroll and side in Beech and has a deep dark lushes sound that can only be found on Guarneri instruments.  In 2014 'Ivashkin' was added to the official name to honor and tribute Alexander Ivashkin (1948-2014), a prolific Russian cellist, writer, academic and conductor whom this cello was on a life loan.  

1696 Bonjour Stradivarius Cello

I was very fortunate to have played on this wonderful Strad for 3 years upon winning the Canada Council instrumental bank competition back in 2006.  'The instrument is a two piece back being cut on the slab and displays a most lovely horizontal figure. The ribs are of a matching material and the scroll is of a plainer material. The two piece top of mostly medium width wavy grain, displays strong hazel figure. The lower wings begin added by the maker. The varnish is of a rich gold brown colour with the top being of a slightly stronger colour.'

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